Late Night Last Night: Nicholas Hoult Impersonates Stewie Griffin

Nicholas Hoult

You would think going into an audition for a role in a movie, the people who were casting the film would want you to try to imitate your character to the best of your ability. But that wasn’t the case for Nicholas Hoult when he tried out for X-Men: First Class. Hoult told Conan O’Brien Tuesday night that X-Men director Matthew Vaughn had him try out for the role of Beast using Stewie Griffin’s voice.

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Hoult found the request a bit “odd,” but still gave it “a shot.” Well, of course O’Brien couldn’t help but request that Hoult demonstrate his Family Guy Stewie voice. So, Hoult put on a show for the late night host in the voice of evil, upper crust baby.


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[Photo Credit: TBS]

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