‘Mad Men’ Recap: Hands And Knees

S4:E10 Last night on Mad Men, we watched as Don slowly started to realize the government was on to the fact he stole his friend’s identity after he died in the war and started parading around in his clothes like a goofy marionette and sleeping with all these women so as to carry on the real Don Draper’s legacy. HA! Don. I’m kidding. At least one of those suits was a gift from Joan, so it’s really yours.

The next morning, Pete came over to Don’s house and told him his friend at the Department of Defense told him Don had been flagged, and that the investigation on his past would stop if they surrendered the account. At the partner’s meeting, Pete came up with an elaborate excuse as to why North American Aviation wasn’t going to use their advertising expertise, and they weren’t going to get the $4 million that was originally attached to the deal. Pete had to take the fall for the loss, and Roger ripped into him and called him an asshole. Then he laughed. But give him a break: he got Joan pregnant and she still won’t be with him! In the end, though, everything worked out fine. Don got tickets to take Sally to see the Beatles and realized his secretary was pretty when she was putting on her lipstick. You know: the ushe.