‘Mad Men’ Recap: The Beautiful Girls

S4:E9 Finally! After that other episode where Don woke up next to Patty (the diner waitress and stand-in for the pageant girls while the lighting guys get their lights right) I thought we weren’t going to get to see him ever wake up next to another pretty woman ever again! But last night, he woke up next to FAYE, the pretty woman who conducted that Q&A session about Ponds with all the office women that Don thought was so pointless. She counts, even if she’s a Dr.!

Don took the next morning off from work so he could take Sally to the zoo. When he got to the office, he had a tiny meeting with Peggy about a family owned automotive account, and which recording artist would be best for them to hire to record a jingle. Peggy decided it was the perfect opportunity to ask why they were doing business with a company who didn’t hire African Americans, and Don said it wasn’t their job to convince a family black people should be treated equally in the first place. But really, he meant they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on (not even a peg one) or an example to lead by in this endeavor.

Before Betty came to get Sally at Don’s office, Sally promised she’d be good and that she really would rather come live with him. Didn’t he like the rum pancakes she made him? She threw a tantrum and tripped on the floor, and luckily, was scooped up into the arms of a woman wearing a yellow dress, which mentally stimulated her enough to get her to stop whining and submit to living with her mother in the suburbs. She went peacefully away with her mother, who was only nice to her because there were other women around, and Don went into his office to get an earful from Faye who was upset he sent her to watch Sally at his apartment.

The last scene, which everyone is talking about today, was Peggy, Joan and Faye all getting into the elevator together. It was pretty quick, but the differences between the women and their relationships made for quite an ending. They’re all at different places in their lives, but are each working equally hard to please men — sometimes the same men but in different ways, as is the case with Peggy and Faye both doing whatever Don says. But out of all of them, the most dominant is undoubtedly Joan, who took her revenge on her husband for not consulting him on his decision to go to Vietnam by sleeping (ON THE STREET) with Roger. OH MY GOD WHERE IS HER PEN NECKLACE?!?!