Remote Controlled: Losers Win Big, and Alaskan Women Turn Up the Heat

Remote Controlled: Losers Win Big, and Alaskan Women Turn Up the Heat

Biggest Loser
THE BIGGEST LOSER -- Episode 1502 -- Pictured: (l-r) Craig Arrington, Marie Pearl, Tumi Ogundala, Fernanda Abarca, Jay Sheets -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The TV landscape is filled with what seems like a never-ending stream of fresh programming. But whereas few shows are popular enough to be celebrated by critics, most float around for several seasons in obscurity maintaining a small but devoted following. Here’s our pick of five shows – some popular, most not – you need to be watching this week.


The Biggest Loser
Tens of thousands of pounds have already been lost on NBC’s long-running weight loss reality show, yet for 15 seasons (and counting) contestants on The Biggest Loser continue to shed insane amounts of weight. Okay, maybe some of them do gain it all back, point is it’s inspiring TV. Episode three follows the contestants as they explore their creative side, when they’re asked to work out using equipment won at auctions. Hmm…I wonder how much a Tony Little Gazelle (circa 2002) is going for these days? The Biggest Loser  airs this Tuesday, October 29, at 8 PM ET on NBC.


Impractical Jokers
The problem with every hidden-camera show of the last 10 years is that most of them starred Ashton Kutcher (zing!). Well, I’m happy to say that Impractical Jokers, truTV’s hilarious prank show featuring four Staten Island-bred funnymen doing what they do best, not only takes over the mantle from Candid Camera, it flat-out bulldozes anything even remotely similar (i.e. Punk’d). Now if only one of these dudes even slightly resembled Steve Jobs, the Kutcher-starring biopic would have been worlds funnier. Oh wait – that was supposed to be a drama wasn’t it? Double zing! Impractical Jokers  airs Sunday nights on truTV.

Cutthroat Kitchen
Ever find yourself skimming the tube some weekday afternoons and thinking to yourself, “Boy, there sure could be more cooking shows”? Well, thankfully, Cutthroat Kitchen  is one of the few food-oriented reality programs that actually has a unique premise (the other 90 seem to always have some version of Gordon Ramsay verbally berating contestants). Basically, four chefs are given $25,000 in cold, hard American coin, which can be used to destroy each other in the kitchen. And if you thought only athletes like Mike Tyson became depraved when big money was on the line, wait until you see a couple of cooks go at it! Cutthroat Kitchen  airs Sundays at 10 PM ET on the Food Network.


Alaskan Women Looking for Love
Tired of the Fake Housewives of New Beverly County? Then catch up with some real woman who just happen to be in need of a man. And get this, they all just happen to reside in Alaska. That’s right, that ice-covered oasis to the north (formerly known as Palinville) is littered with enough attractive young women for TLC to base a show on. That said, looks like there just might be hope for the hard-working young ladies of North Dakota! A man can dream…Alaskan Women Looking for Love  airs Sundays at 7 PM ET on TLC.


Making Monsters
Ever wonder how all your favorite haunted house “scareacters” are made? Then you’ll want to check out this week’s Halloween-themed episode of Making Monsters on the Travel Channel. Put it this way, one of the creatures they construct from start to finish is described as a human eating zombie from hell. And no, his name is not Ted Cruz. Making Monsters  airs this Sunday at 6 PM ET on the Travel Channel.