‘Revenge’ Star Dishes on Tonight’s Betrayal 

ALTWhy is Revenge‘s Nolan Ross looking so suspicious in that luxury SUV? According to Gabriel Mann, it has something to do with his partner-in-crime Emily. In tonight’s episode, “Absolution,” Emily becomes suspicious when she learns that Nolan has swiped a precious item from her revenge box — but Mann says it’s all for the love of the game.

“I get in a lot of trouble with Emily tonight,” Mann told Hollywood.com. “That’s the beauty of this character — he’s always keeping something close to the vest, and his cards off the table. He’s always probably got some secret — and he better. If his foil-slash-friend-slash-companion-slash-unrequited love is as smart and as crafty as she is, he better be just as crafty. That’s the fun of going to work everyday, literally from episode to episode I’m like, ‘Wow, what a bad boy Nolan!’ Yeah — big trouble in little Hamptons tonight.”

But Emily isn’t the only one who may soon become suspicious of Nolan’s motives: Last week, when Jack’s blood-stained hoodie was stolen from his room, he mentioned that the only people who knew of its existence were his brother, and Nolan. “You would think one of these days [the Porter brothers would catch on.] Those guys have been around for long enough that they would instinctually start to catch on to something. But if they are, they aren’t saying it yet. I think that will be very interesting, to see how that is revealed and to see how much they know, and what they do suspect as the season goes on.”

Of course, last week’s biggest revelation came when Emily realized that her father — and Nolan’s former mentor — had been killed by the Graysons. This news will have Emily completely recommitted to her revenge plot, and the stakes will only get higher. “That’s part of what makes the character she’s put together so interesting,” Mann said. “She is focused as a laser, and then all of a sudden humanity starts creeping in. Then something even more awful than what happened before goes down, and she’s like, ‘Oh no, you’re all going down. I’ve got no mercy.'”

But Emily’s re-discovered focus will lead to mayhem, and a heart-racing May 23rd season finale that will shock the show’s devoted viewers. “Holy Hell, we’re playing with fire with some of our most important characters on the show,” Mann said. “[The finale is] really big, in terms of what we’ve established so far in the tone of the show, and where the writers are willing to go with the characters in their story lines. We established early on that very bad things can happen to bad and good characters on this show. I think the finale is going to establish that all bets are off. Anything can happen. The writers can get away with playing with fire. Hopefully we won’t all get burned in the end, but I think, if anything, it’s going to leave people very anxious over the summer to get back to September to see where they go with this. Cliffhanger — oh yeah. Understatement.”

Yikes. While fans of the show would love to see all of their favorites back in the game next season, Mann says it’s best to not get too attached to anyone. “[There are] many potential deaths. We’re starting to drop like flies. A lot of the events that have been set into motion through the series so far have come full circle. No one is safe.”

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