Shake-Up at ‘CBS This Morning’: Perfect Opportunity for the Next Aaron Sorkin Show

CBS Hires Nora O' DonnellIf I learned anything from watching Sports Night, it’s that potential anchor changes provide for some very compelling episodes. Clearly, there’s something to the notion that one’s position as a trusted news provider is forever in flux. That’s why stories like Ann Curry‘s unceremonious removal from Today and Thursday’s announcement from CBS regarding Norah O’Donnell replacing former CBS This Morning anchor Erica Hill are so quick to catch our eye. We can see the backstage conversations, filled with haughty Socrates references and allusions to historical moments in journalism, spilling forth from one fast-talking journalist as her producer tries to calm her down by responding with sage words of wisdom. 

O’Donnell will take Hill’s seat as the former co-host of CBS This Morning as Hill pursues a position at CBS News and so far, all seems to be well from the outside. But after watching what happened with Today it’s clear that the politics behind running a morning news show are anything but mundane. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose imagination is running amok as these changes continue to roll out. I can see it now: Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Newsroom: AM Edition. I’ve taken the liberty of writing up a potential synopsis for this (fictional) series:

We find a hot-headed veteran and his slow-talking, introspective co-host as they attempt to make peace — and a great news show — with the newest network appointee. There will be philosophical discussions of what a morning news show really means. There will be walking-and-talking. Someone will eventually admit that they “hate your breathing guts.” It will be Sorkin at its best, with an extra serving of coffee and a bear claw breakfast. 

Add a little sexual tension and a crowd of screaming early risers behind a pane of glass in the background, and boom: you’ve got yourself a show. Just take a look at this tension-filled clip from Sports Night and tell me you couldn’t swap in a few extra smiley morning people and let the sparks fly:

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[Image: CBS]


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