‘South Park’: Cartman Holds The Key To The Election? 

‘South Park’: Cartman Holds The Key To The Election? 

ALTIt’s Election Day, folks! It’s time to get out there and exercise one of your greatest rights as an American and vote. Of course, many will sadly find excuses not to vote in the 2012 Presidential election (“The lines are too long at my polling station,” “I don’t have the time,” and the worst one of them all, “It doesn’t matter who wins, it’s all the same!”) but there’s one problem that none of us had even thought to worry about in the first place: Eric Cartman is going to rig the election. Should have remembered to respect his authoritah! 

At least, that’s what the troublemaking 4th grader appears to be up to in this teaser preview of the new episode of South Park. In the clip, Cartman shows Kyle that he has something that could change the outcome of the election in his room: boxes and boxes of votes from various states, including their home swing-state of Colorado. 
But don’t worry, hippies. Just because the conservative-leaning Cartman has access to your votes doesn’t necessarily mean the worst for liberals. After all, look at the name of this episode of South Park, which is no stranger to poking fun at politics, or anything else for that matter: “Obama Wins!” Of course, this is South Park, so anything — absolutely anything — goes. 


The new episode of South Park airs on Wednesday, November 7 at 10 PM on Comedy Central. And don’t let Eric Cartman scare you away, you should still go vote today! It would be kick ass
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