The Ratings for ‘Smash’ Were Absolutely Terrible


Everyone loves to hate on NBC’s Broadway musical dog and pony show Smash (actually, a dog and pony show might be more fun to see), but it seems like viewers aren’t even tuning in to hate watch it anymore. Only 4.5 million people switched to NBC to see if last night’s rehauled Season 2 was any better than the trash-tastic first season. That’s just the average. The show lost viewers every half hour over its two-hour premiere, which means that people were tuning out just as it was starting to get going. That means no one got to see Jennifer Hudson‘s best numbers!

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The show was initially a hit for NBC, logging 11.4 million for its critically lauded premiere last year and averaging 8.9 million throughout its creatively plagued first year. Looks like Gossip Girl‘s Joshua Safran couldn’t change all its bad momentum. The saddest part is that Smash lost 1.5 million viewers from its lead-in, Betty White’s birthday party. When a 91-year-old’s birthday party is more exciting that your show with hot young bucks running around and singing in tiny little outfits, you know you are doomed.

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