‘The Voice’-Inspired Dating Show ‘The Choice’: Who Should Be The Celeb Judges?

ALTThis is The Choice!

It was only a matter of time before the prime-for-the-spoofing (Saturday Night Live already had their fun with it in their new promo), The Voice had a spinning chair spin-off. Recently acquired by Fox, the Voice-inspired dating show called The Choice, will use a similar format to the singing competition. Putting a new spin on The Dating Game (spin being the operative word here) the Cat Deeley-hosted live studio audience show will go something like this:

Four celebrity bachelors will sit in rotating chairs with their backs to eligible bachelorettes who will try to get a date with them. So, exactly like the “Blind Round” on The Voice, only instead of singing, contestants will talk about why they’d be a good match for the star. Oh, and instead of pushing a button to turn around if they like what they hear, the “judge” will pull a “love handle.” (Let’s pause for the obligatory giggle.) If two celebs choose the contestant, they must plead their case and battle it out, just like on – you guessed it – The Voice. Each celebrity will build a team of three bachelorettes who will advance to a “Speed Choice” round where each woman has 15 seconds to convince the star to have her go to the final beauty pageant-like round where Deeley will ask the contestants questions and the judge will decide who to take on a date. So, basically Singled Out, but with The Voice’s spinning chairs. If they get Purrfect on board, this has the potential to be the greatest dating show in the history of television.

The Choice is slated for six episodes this summer, beginning Thursday, June 7 at 9 PM ET/PT, with five of the six epiodes featuring male celebs seeking love and the remaining episode to feature four female celebs meeting eligible bachelors. With an awesome host already on board (sorry Carson-Bot, but no one is better than Cat Deeley), here are some stars we hope to see as guest judges for the dating game and the kind of date they choose…on The Choice. (Oh, I get it!)

James Franco: The guy has done everything but reality television at this point. C’mon James, it will make you so worldly and versatile. (Sorry Kimiko.)

Ashton Kutcher:  Anything to keep Mila Kunis on the market. Take one for the team, America.

Jake Pavelka: If only to see him make airplane noises when the chair spins around. Wheeeee, you’re a grown man, Jake Pavelka!

Adam Levine: Sure, there might be a something of a conflict of interest here, but we want to see the Maroon 5 frontman take a break from wooing models and court a mere mortal once again.

Kim Kardashian: Somebody has to get that poor girl to break out of her shell and convince her to really put herself back out there. It’s been about 17 minutes since we’ve heard anything about her and we’re concerned. Is everything okay, Kim?! Send for help!

Jennie Garth: “Bachelor No. 1, do you take an active interest in The Twilight Saga?” Easiest elimination ever.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Gotta build that Client List.

Chelsea Handler: If any star were to really make their suitors really earn it, it would be her. Plus, she would easily pick the biggest kook in the whole damn thing.

Who would you like to see on The Choice? Sound off in the comments section below!

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