TV STUFF: Mayor Geraldo?

He duked it out once with skinheads on his former daytime talk show. Now TV journalist Geraldo Rivera is considering going head to head in the political ring.

Daily Variety reports that Rivera said this week that he’s mulling running for mayor of New York City next year. If he decides to go for it, he’d have to announce his candidacy by June for the November race next year.

Rivera also mentioned that he was considering a former member of Texas Gov. George W. Bush’s election team, although Rivera is not registered as a Republican or Democrat.

Let’s hope his nose comes out unscathed this time.

GET ‘REAL’: MTV execs have confirmed that they’re keeping it “Real.” The big wigs at the cable channel have approved at least two more seasons of the reality-TV series “The Real World.” The show, which will be shot in New York (also the site of “The Real World’s” debut season), will go into production in January.

MTV TURNS JAPANESE: Japan is getting its MTV. MTV Networks announced Tuesday that it will begin broadcasting in the Asian nation, the last of the major markets the music channel had left to conquer. MTV Japan will air 24 hours a day in Japanese starting in January.