‘Vampire Diaries’: Vampire Elena’s Dying? Is That Klaus or Tyler? And 8 More Teases — TRAILER


Vampire Diaries Season 4We may have to wait until Oct. 11 to get back to Mystic Falls, but the people at the CW are determined to make that month as painful as Elijah’s conspicuous absence from the series. The Vampire Diaries has released its first decent trailer for Season 4, and by decent, I mean full of teasery greatness. 

They could have released a 30-second clip with Elena (Nina Dobrev) waking up and looking distraught before throwing on the title card with the signature CW jingle and we’d still be salivating. But no, the CW knows we need more. Still, delivering this much information is almost worse. Now we want that October premiere even more. It’s genius
Here are the 10 most important (and agonizing) takeaways from the trailer:
1. Elena Refuses To Accept Her Vampire Fate.  
Of course she thinks there’s some way of getting out of it. After all, she’s cheated death about a million times, why can’t she cheat vampirism too? Naturally, Stefan and Bonnie are supporting her completely nonsensical plight.
2. Damon Thinks Elena Is Being Ridiculous.
Because, as usual, Damon is the only one who looks at things logically instead of in some sort of filter that I’m assuming has a rosy hue and twinkly stars everywhere. 
3. Caroline and Tyler, or, er, Klaus, Are Getting It On In the Woods.
This tells us nothing about which being is inhabiting Tyler’s muscle-clad body. From the eagerness from Tyler’s side, it could be the hybrid himself finally reuniting with his Vampire Barbie. Or Klaus is finally getting what he wants. If that’s the case, let me be the first to say: it’d be so much more gratifying if he did it in the form of Joseph Morgan. 
4. Bonnie Is Willing to Kill Herself to Maybe Save Elena.
For someone who was furious with Elena always being the girl getting saved last season, she sure is willing to put a hell of a lot on the line to keep her from an uncomfortable fate. In the trailer, Bonnie passes out as a part of her plan to die, find Elena in the afterlife, and bring her back. Let’s hope there’s at least a little more to this hairbrained scheme than meets the eye.
5. The Cops or Federal Agents of Some Kind Are After Vampires.
Caroline’s Sheriff mother tries to stop them, but since mobs of police or agents or whatever they are rarely listen to local sheriffs, she can’t stop them and they descend in upon our favorite vampires… including Elena the baby vamp.
6. Caroline and Another Blonde (Rebecca, perhaps?) Are In a Serious Car Accident While Locked Up in a Van.
It would seem that the blonde next to Caroline would be Rebecca considering these agents are rounding up vampires, and both ladies qualify. Thus, they’d be found strapped into a van, and because nothing goes smoothly on TVD, especially when cars are involved, something dramatic is sure to go down with that van.
7. Elena Waits Too Long to Feed and The Law Enforcement Might Keep Her From Transitioning.
We see Elena and Stefan locked in different cells while Elena wimpers to her chosen Salvatore that she’s dying. Stefan’s reaction, naturally, is to scream at the top of his lungs. If they’re taking it down to the wire, chances are Elena is going to have to feed on whatever is nearby: could that mean she’s about to sink her baby fangs into one of the folks keeping her locked up? Now that would be a delicious, intriguing twist.
8. Bonnie and Jeremy Are Getting Close Again.
We weren’t sure what it all meant when these two showed a bit of mild affection in last season’s finale, but now, Bonnie and Jeremy are teaming up and the concern in his voice when she passes out is palpable. They’re clearly on the road to reuniting… as long as Bonnie actually manages to cheat death.
9. Elena Has Yet to Switch to Team Damon.
With Elena hanging all over Damon in many of the Season 4 promotional materials, there’s been speculation that she’ll be making the switch to the darker Salvatore. For now, the trailer shows us that she’s firmly in Stefan’s grasp, and there’s little sign that it’s about to change.
10. Well, There is the Part Where Stefan and Damon are Fighting Again…
Then again, TVD is notorious for teasing heated, fleeting moments as much bigger plot points. But Stefan did steal the girl and his support of her ridiculous idea of reversing the vampire process while the clock is ticking down to her death would naturally rile up the very practical Damon.

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