VH1 Lands Reality Show About Carmelo Anthony’s Trade to the Knicks

Carmelo AnthonyHey, entertainment news readers! You probably didn’t hear because, like us, you were reading about Justin Bieber‘s newest lesbian hair cut rather than watching ESPN (because sports are stoooopid, amirite?!). Anyway, yesterday, Carmelo Anthony got traded to Knicks.

In the sports world, this is something that makes people say, “Holy shit!” (Imagine if Francis Ford Coppola announced a new film starring Marlon Brando — performing from the grave!) So, why are we writing about this? Well, VH1 — being the music-focused network that they are — decided that this was the perfect opportunity for a reality show sequel to Anthony’s and wife, La La Vasquez’s first reality show about their wedding, La La’s Full Court Wedding.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network will broadcast a 10-episode series that will chronicle Anthony and La La’s move from Denver, where he played for the Nuggets, to Manhattan, where he’ll play for the Knicks. The show began shooting last month, and will begin airing in August. It’s tentatively titled La La’s Full Court.

And, oh yeah, if you didn’t know, ‘Melo plays basketball — that sport with the orange ball and a hoop where they, like, guard each other or something.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter