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Kim Kardashian Is ‘Over’ The Taylor Swift Drama: ‘[Kanye] Doesn’t Even Really Care.’

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to talk about Taylor Swift anymore. She’s getting kind of bored. She’s totally over it.

Earlier this summer, the reality TV star wasn’t afraid to provide receipts when Taylor Swift accused her hubby Kanye West of using her name without permission (and also calling her a b—-) in the song “Famous.”

But that was then and this now — and as of now, Kim just wants the drama to stop.

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In the latest issue of BillboardKim wasn’t too happy to be asked about Taylor Swift. 

“Ugh, do we really have to talk about Taylor Swift?” she asked. “I’m so over it. If it were up to Kanye, it all would probably never have come out. He can handle it, he has no hard feelings. He doesn’t even really care.”

She revealed that the only reason she posted the Snapchat videos was to protect Kanye. She’s definitely the strong kind of lady who’d stand up for her man.

“I just wanted to protect my husband. I saw him getting a lot of s–t,” she continued. “It wasn’t even about a look or anything, or to have this feud—it was like, ‘OK, here’s the truth.’ Done. Let’s all move on. I feel like I don’t want to talk about her anymore.”

So there you have it, guys. Don’t ask Kim or Kanye about Taylor Swift. They’ve removed themselves from the narrative — one they’ve been totally bored of since 2009.

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