How To Use The New Pokemon Go “Buddy System”

buddy system / Niantic

Pokemon Go just released a massive update that pretty much solves some fundamental issues in the game and brings the whole thing back to the idea of walking.

Like we said before the new “Buddy System” solves more than a few problems. It helps trainers become invested in their Pokemon (and thus, invested in the game) and solves the issue of the Pokemon you use for battle being purely up to luck. We finally can train our favorites!

The Buddy System just rolled out, which means you can update your phone right now and get it. Because this is Pokemon Go — it doesn’t come with any instructions. The Buddy System is a bit hidden in the options so here’s how to use it.

Click on your trainer profile

step 1 / Niantic

Click on the option in the bottom right hand corner — and select buddy.

step 2 / Niantic

Pick your buddy! You can click on the swap button to change to a different Pokemon whenever you want, but all your walking progress will be lost.

step 4 / Niantic

The Buddy System works similarly to eggs. You’ve got to walk a certain amount to get one Pokemon candy. So far, it appears that different Pokemon require different lengths to walk. For example, to get a candy for this Ghastly, you have to walk 3 km, but to get a candy for my level 386 Dratini, I’d have to walk 5 km.

The new update also has a couple of other features. It blocked jailbroken or rooted phones in an attempt to cut down on GPS hacking, even if it affects those who weren’t cheating. It also fixed an error in egg-hatching and provided a feature where you can get insight on how good your Pokemon would be in battle.

Will you be using the new update?

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