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‘Entourage’ Season Three: Ep. 28 “Three’s Company”

The showdown between Vince and the studio intensifies over the “Aquaman 2” vs. “Medellin” dilemma. Ari is popping every vein to bring the two sides together. Adding to his aggravation, his prize client refuses to talk to him until he lands Johnny Drama a role — a tall order considering Drama’s current lack of star power.

Eric gets the offer of a lifetime when Sloan suggests they get together with her gorgeous friend Tori for a threesome. Before any action ensues, Sloan lays down some ground rules for her boyfriend, making it clear she’s not willing to share all of him. After the trio spends a night together, Eric wakes up to find himself spooning Tori, which sends Eric into a tailspin. Tori has really gotten under his skin.

The studio ups the ante for Vince and plays hardball with Ari, threatening to shut off access to their projects for all of his clients if he fails to deliver “the pretty boy.” A last minute audition for Drama (procured by Lloyd) finally opens the lines of communication. But it might be a little too late. Apparently, “Medellin” is off the table and the role has gone to Benicio Del Toro. After Ari convinces him he has no choice, Vince finally agrees to do “Aquaman 2”–for the original offer, on principle—but he never wants to work with the studio again afterwards. Vince is miffed he has to kowtow to the suits and fails to show for a breakfast with the studio chief the next day. Big mistake. The offer is rescinded, leaving everybody’s future in doubt.

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