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Episode Ten – “Survivor Season Two”

This week’s episode began with Keith’s touching homage to the banished Jerri: “Ding, dong, the witch is dead.”

With Jerri gone, the Barramundi were decidedly more jovial–despite their lack of food. Catching grasshoppers to use as fish bait became a romp through the Outback, Benny Hill style, as Keith and Colby both stumbled about camp attempting to trap the insects in cooking pots. Keith actually proved efficient at the task, but Colby couldn’t buy a kill.

However, Colby’s victory would come later.

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The reward challenge–usually a tense endeavor–gave way to humor, as each castaway was given $500 to bid on delicacies in an Outback auction. Nick won Doritos and salsa and a turkey dinner; Elisabeth snagged chocolate and peanut butter; Rodger landed a cheeseburger; Colby got a Power Bar and iced coffee; and Amber–poor Amber–bid on the “mystery item,” which turned out to be a cup of diseased water.

Ironically, though, those who ate heavily ended up with extreme digestive problems.

Next came the Fire and Rain Immunity Challenge, in which each member had to weigh down a huge see-saw in an attempt to raise the low end skyward. The catch: a barrel had to be filled with water to counter the weight of the other end, which was already weighted down with a barrel of fire that the castaways had to construct. The other catch: the water barrels had holes in the bottom.

So speed was the name of the game, and although Keith came close, very close, Colby emerged victorious, winning the Immunity Necklace for the first time.

Back at camp, host Jeff Probst emerged with an ultimatum: he would give them more rice if they agreed to give up their Barramundi shelter. They did. The scramble to build a new camp began.

Later that night, at Tribal Council, as jury members Jerri and Alicia looked on, two votes were cast against Amber, one against Keith and four against Nick.

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See ya, Nick.

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