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Friday: ‘World Magic Awards’

[IMG:L]World Magic Awards — 8/7c on MyNetwork

No, it’s not the ultimate illusion; there is, in fact, an awards show for magicians–every year!

And believe it or not, genuine stars do show up for the World Magic Awards.

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Take Pamela Anderson, for example, who is “performing” alongside her Beauty of Magic, er, co-star Hans Klok.

Other magician types slated to appear include Penn & Teller, Lance Burton and David Merlini, while mere mortals like Neil Patrick HarrisKevin James and Jason Alexander will also be on hand.

Apparently absent are magicelebs like Criss Angel and David Blaine, who have let the magic go straight to their heads and forgotten their roots.

Biggest shocker? The regal Sir Roger Moore, of James Bond (1973-1985) fame, is hosting. Nothing against the occult, but nobody with the “Sir” title should be hosting these awards.


[IMG:R]There’s Something About Mary — 11:30/10:30c on HBO
Easily the most seminal (double-entendre alert!) comedy of the ‘90s, Mary did so many things for so many people: Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz transitioned into extremely bankable stars; the Farrelly brothers’ career peaked; and Judd Apatow and co. (probably) made a mental note that R-rated comedies could be funny AND financially viable. But all that matters tonight is that Mary has quite possibly the highest replay value ever and is as much a must-see now as your virginal viewing was in 1998.

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