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Gossip Girl, Season 2: Ep. 14 Review

The new season kicks off with a healthy dose of nasty.

That’s right, nearly from the opening credits, Monday’s episode went old school–and by old school I mean it had more in common with the show’s earlier episodes than anything that happened after Serena and Dan took a turn for the mushy.

Instead, this one mixed and matched a pair of concentric plots: the on-going Jenny vs. Blair contender match and the on-going Serena vs. Chuck prizefight until everything began to blur into one giant Upper East Side massacre.

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While Little Miss Humphrey has been transforming from daddy’s little girl into mommy’s little monster for a few episodes now, this time around she got herself into a fix well beyond the realm of common indecency.

When her game of Grand Theft Valentino went south, I was sure she would be the one begging for a trip to Paris. Though, now that Rufus knows she’s embarrassed to be from Brooklyn, he seems much more intent of laying down the law than in ponying up for plane tickets. Either way, she took down Queen B for a second week in a row, and that can’t be good.

I don’t know what Blair’s plotting by way of revenge, but Jenny should remember two things: 1) deception costs and that Waldorf name also comes with a Waldorf bank account and 2) the only way the poor ever beat the rich is by playing the “I have nothing to lose” card and, these days, Jenny’s got everything to lose.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Serena’s little throw down raised more than a few questions. I get that the entire round of mail order cocaine-and-pornography was a set-up for next week’s introduction of Ultimate Bad Girl and Gossip Girl newcomer Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg), but if Serena’s best counter-punch is a round of tattletale with her folks then it looks like she should throw in the towel before that battle even begins.

Plus, I’m just not buying it. Serena supposedly ran Constance High for three years. You don’t get to those heights without a card or two up your sleeve. Or a Derringer. Despite all of this, I loved the fact that Chuck took his punishment like a man and then, when the truth came out, stood tall and invited Serena in for a drink.

Chuck Bass claiming the moral high ground. I mean, will wonders never cease?

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