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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 9 “Homecoming”

Mohinder finds the boy whose power is to invade dreams, and he leads him to unlock his father’s list. Mohinder decides to return to New York to find the Heroes.

Nathan buys Isaac’s painting from Linderman and destroys it to stop Peter from acting on it, but Simone shows Peter a digital copy which shows Peter lying dead under the high school banner at 8:12 p.m. Jessica pursues D.L. and Micah on the road and shoots D.L. in the end.

Claire wins homecoming queen thanks to a freak vote. But in trying to protect her since he knows what might be coming, her father grounds her. Kids always listen to their parents, right? Right. She sneaks out.

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As foretold, Sylar is there, but he kills Jackie, thinking she’s the cheerleader with the healing powers. Of course, Claire is there and witnesses the whole thing. Realizing his mistake, Sylar then goes after Claire, but Peter comes in at the last minute and saves her. In the struggle, Peter and Sylar fall off the gymnasium roof. They are both lying there, seemingly dead, but Sylar manages to get up and run off. Claire comes rushing out and goes to Peter, who is then able to heal himself. Meanwhile, Mr. Bennet and Eden catch up to Sylar, and Eden forces Sylar to go to sleep so they can take him in.

Hiro appears in the past to save Charlie, the waitress.

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