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Lost: Season 4, Ep. 8 ‘Meet Kevin Johnson’

Starts off with a little pow wow at Locke’s camp. Everyone is sitting there, looking at Ben, who is smugly enjoying his dinner. Locke suddenly comes in with a still tied-up Miles. Sawyer just wants to hand over Ben to him and be done with it, but Ben assures them that once they have him, the freighter’s orders are to kill everyone else on the island. Oh, and he tells them Michael is his spy on the boat. Shocked looks abound.

As Locke takes Miles back to his hole, Sawyer catches up with them. He’s a little peeved Locke didn’t tell them Miles wanted to extort $3 million from Ben. But since there isn’t a bank on the island, Locke didn’t think it was worth mentioning. Miles starts to laugh: “Considering a week ago you had a gun to [Ben’s] head and tonight he’s eating pound cake, I guess he’s a guy who gets what he wants.” That’s an understatement if ever there was one.

Back in Ben’s house, Alex, Carl and Rousseau are talking with him. Ben wants Alex to go to the temple, a sanctuary only for the Others. He wants Alex to be safe–and knows the bad boat people could use her to get to Ben. Rousseau even agrees she should go. Alex looks at her father and asks, “More dangerous than you?” He believes they are indeed, but “your mother will protect you.”

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On the freighter, the captain beats the crap out of some guy trying to get off the boat on an inflatable. He screams at the rest of them, standing around watching, that he isn’t doing that to scare them, but to keep them on the boat. Once the engines are fixed, they are getting the hell out of there. Then the captain orders Kevin Johnson, aka Michael, to clean up the mess. As the rest of the crew disperse, Sayid approaches him, “Hello, Michael.” Michael tries to brush him off, but Sayid won’t let him. “Why are you here on the boat, Michael?” “I’m here to die,” he replies. Whoa. Later, Michael and another guy are trying to fix the engine, when Sayid and Desmond show up. Michael sends off the other guy, and Sayid demands an explanation on why he is on the boat.

And here’s the flash back story: Michael, who is now back on the mainland after escaping on the boat with Walt, is sitting in a rundown apartment, writing something. Looks like he is in dire straits and where’s Walt? Later, he gets into his crappy car–and runs it into a dumpster at full speed. But he doesn’t kill himself. He survives. After hallucinating that Libby, the one he shot back on the island, is his nurse, the real nurse comes in. Apparently, he had a note pinned to him addressed to Walt. The nurse asks if she should call him. No, not now.

Later, he shows up at his mother’s house. He wants to see Walt, but his mother won’t let him. She wants to know where he was for the last two months, how he survived the plane crash when everyone onboard was supposed to be dead, why she can’t call him by his name and why Walt wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. Until he comes clean with her, he can’t see Walt.

So, he buys a gun and tries to kill himself THAT way. But, sitting in an alleyway, trying to pull the trigger, the late great Tom shows up. “Come on, Michael, have time for an old friend?” Michael attacks Tom, but Tom stops him. Michael wonders how Tom found him. He says if they let him go, you don’t think they’d keep tabs on him? Tom explains why he is here; he needs Michael’s help. Michael balks, of course. Then Tom realizes Michael told Walt about killing Ana Lucia and Libby–and how that is preying on his soul. But Tom drops the big one: “the island won’t let you kill yourself, Michael.” Tom gives him his card and says if he changes his mind, this is where he can find him. Michael then tests Tom’s proclamation by trying to shoot himself. The gun won’t fire–but with the TV on, his attention is suddenly caught by the news report on the Oceanic 815 crash.

Of course, Michael goes to see Tom, who isn’t alone at first. There’s a guy there with him, but he leaves, kissing Tom on the cheek. Nice little tidbit to Tom’s character. Anyway, Tom explains Charles Widmore has staged the whole plane crash. That he actually dug up 300 + corpses in Thailand, hired a freighter etc.–all to make it look legit. And now Tom says Widmore has found the coordinates to the island and is amassing a crew on a freighter to head there. Tom wants Michael to go undercover on that boat. Tom is emphatic: If Widmore finds the island, he’ll kill everyone on it, including all of Michael’s friends and fellow survivors. Michael can’t quite believe what he is hearing, but he tells Tom he can’t go back to the island. Tom corrects him, he’s not going back to the island–he’s going on the boat to kill everyone onboard the boat. Oh, is that all? No sweat.

After much deliberation, Michael shows up for spy duty. He first meets George, then Naomi, who seems very friendly. Then he meets Miles, who knows his name isn’t Kevin. “That’s OK, most of the people on the boat are lying about something,” Miles quips. Tom has also sent Michael a care package. When Michael chats briefly with him on the phone before Michael gets onboard, Tom can sense he is getting cold feet. Tom reminds him that all those people on the island he cares about are going to die–and how will he be able to explain THAT to Walt?

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As the freighter heads out to sea, Michael meets Frank. “What’s your story then?,” Frank asks. Michael replies, “Looking for a little adventure.” Frank goes on, “How do you like this for adventure, ever heard of Oceanic 815?” Then Frank explains what Michael already knows, that the plane they found wasn’t the real one. Their employer, Charles Widmore, believes 815 is still out there. “Can you imagine if we found some of those people alive?,” Frank queries. Michael just looks at him.

Later, Michael is examining the footlocker Tom sent him–but hasn’t opened it yet. He goes on top and watches some of the crew members shooting things with semi-automatics off the ship. Semi-automatic weapons? What’s this all about? Michael says, “I thought we were on a rescue mission.” The guys just laugh at him, so he goes back down below, to the footlocker, and opens it. It contains a case with tools–and a bomb that will blow up the boat. Michael hesitates before activating it…then he sets the timer and pushes the button. He closes his eyes, waiting for the inevitable when the bomb malfunctions–and a note pops out. It reads, “Not yet.” My god, talk about mind games.

Then he’s in his room, throwing a ball against the wall. George comes in and tells him there’s a call from Walt. Of course, it’s not Walt. It’s Ben. Bastard. Ben didn’t want to kill everyone onboard, since some of them are innocent, that’s why the bomb was a fake. He was just testing Michael. Ben also wanted to show Michael he isn’t the same as the man hunting him. He just wants Michael to get him a list of everyone onboard and disable the radio room. Then everyone on the island will be safe. “Will you do that for me Michael?” “Yeah.” “Then consider yourself one of the good guys,” Ben smirks.

Cut to Sayid, looking at Michael intently, having heard the story. “You’re working for Ben Linus then?” Sayid grabs Michael and drags him into the captain’s office, revealing who Michael really is. An Oceanic survivor and one who betrayed them on the island. He’s a traitor. Nice, Sayid.

Meanwhile, Rousseau, Alex and Carl are making their way through the jungle to the temple. Carl has a bad feeling about all of this, that Ben is trying to play them. But Alex assures him that he only wants Alex to be safe. Suddenly, Carl’s water bottle he is holding in his hand springs a leak–and then Carl is shot in the chest. Alex falls to her knees besides him, when Rousseau runs over and drags Alex behind a tree. Alex is distraught but Rousseau tells her Carl is gone. She wants Alex to grab her hand and they are going to run–and that she loves her. On three, Rousseau jumps up and is shot down immediately–right in front of Alex. She’s in shock. But then she stands up and says, “Wait, I’m Ben’s daughter! I’m Ben’s daughter!” Cut to the Lost title card.

Rousseau’s dead! After all the time she took to protect herself from the island’s elements. What a shame.

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