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‘Lost’ Season 5: Ep. 5 “This Place Is Death”

[IMG:L]9:01: Sun wants to kill Ben, but Ben tells her Jin is not dead.

9:03: Back on the island, Jin is indeed not dead. He’s confused as hell but very much alive. The young, pregnant Rousseau tells him it’s 1988. He is going to take the French team to the radio tower. Let’s hope he runs into the others time travelers soon.

9:07: Suddenly, the French folk loose one of their own. Yes, that’s right. The black smoke monster is on the loose again.

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9:08: OMG! It grabs one of the French dudes and starts to drag him away, but Jin and the others run after it. They grab the guy’s arm before Smokey can drag him into a hole by a temple. They try to pull him out — but Smokey gets the better of them and the guy’s arm is ripped off. Nice.

9:12: Flash of light, and Jin is in a new time and place. Sees the decayed arm of the French dude on the ground. Jin doesn’t know what to make of it. He makes his way to the beach and finds a camp — and two dead guys. Looks like part of the French team.

9:17: Jin then sees Rousseau running on the beach, with her gun aimed at her baby daddy, Robert. She keeps yelling he is sick, that he is NOT Robert, but he assures her that he is. He says they know that “thing” is just a security system to protect the temple. Just as she lets her guard down, he then tries to shoot her, but the gun misfires. She gains control and shoots him between the eyes. Then she turns and sees Jin, “You! You disappeared! You must be sick, too,” she yells and starts shooting at Jin. Luckily, there’s a flash.

9:19: Jin finds Sawyer, Juliet and the rest. Thank goodness. But where is Sun, he asks?

9:23: He’s getting the full story now: the blinding flashes, the time jumps, how Locke is going to get off the island to bring everyone back. Jin freaks and starts speaking Korean very quickly. Sawyer assumes Miles can speak the language, to help translate. “He’s Korean, I’m from Encino,” Miles quips. No, actually it’s Charlotte who can speak Korean.

9:24: Cut to Sun, pointing the gun at Ben. She wants proof. Ben says he can take her to someone who will show her. “Or you can shoot me and never know,” Ben says calmly. Such a bastard sometimes. But Kate and Sayid want no part of this wacky plan to go back to the island. “If I see you [Ben] or you [Jack] again, it will be very unpleasant for all of us,” Sayid says as he walks away.

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9:27: Back on the island, the time jumps are happening more frequently — and it’s literally killing Charlotte. She falls down and starts ranting in Korean, “Don’t let them bring her back! This place is death!” Jin is shaken.

9:33: On the mainland, Ben is driving Sun and Jack to meet this mysterious someone. But he loses it a little when Sun and Jack talk about shooting him if they don’t get the right answers. “If you knew how many times I’ve saved you, you’d be thanking me!,” Ben shouts. Don’t see Ben lose his cool very often.

9:35: Everybody’s noses on the island are bleeding (except Daniel), but Charlotte’s brain is scrambling like an egg with all these flashes. She’s hallucinating big time. They have to leave her there with Daniel to get to the Orchid, pronto. Charlotte tells them to look for the well.

9:37: Locke and the others find the well.

9:40: Charlotte tells Daniel she grew up on the island, as part of the Dharma Initiative but left with her mother. Never saw her father again. She always wanted to find the island again, even though her mother told her it didn’t exist. But she is remembering something. Apparently, some scary guy told her when she was little that she should leave the island and never come back. And if she did, she would die. “I think that man was YOU, Daniel!” Well, we did see him down in the cave, when the Dharmas were building the Orchid, so we know he travels.

9:44: Locke is going down into the well, to look for a way off the island. “Expecting a subway?” Sawyer asks incredulously. Jin makes Locke promise he won’t bring Sun back. To tell her he is dead and gives Locke his wedding ring to use as proof. Don’t think Locke is going to follow through on that one. Then down he goes.

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9:47: Flash of light (DAMN those things) and Locke is gone — so is the well. Just a rope in the ground that Sawyer is holding. Meanwhile, Locke is still around, as he drops to the underground.

9:48: Charlotte dies. Oh man.

9:54: Locke gets hurt in the fall, but there’s someone there to help him: Jack’s dad, Christian. Back at the cabin last season, Christian told LOCKE to move the island — not Ben. Locke apologizes but thought Ben knew how to do it. No matter. Christian says Locke needs to go back now and find Eloise Hawking, who will help them all get back to the island. And he does mean ALL of them. Locke is ready, whether he dies or not. Christian shows him the wheel, the same one Ben turned, which is off its axis. All Locke has to do is to turn it a little, and he’ll be on his way. “Say hello to my son,” Christian says as Locke disappears.

9:58: Ben gives Sun Jin’s wedding ring, which Locke had given him. He asks her if she would go back to the island with him. She says yes. Just then Desmond shows up. “You looking for Faraday’s mother, too?”

9:59: Meet Eloise Hawking, Daniel’s mother. “Are we ready to get started then?”

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