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‘Lost’ Season Three: Ep. 15 “Left Behind”

Kate episodes usually suck. They’re typically Kate moping “I’m all sad because I killed someone then my man died and it was my fault but I’m still intense.” But despite all the pouty crying, this one actually had something to say.

Kate waits in her cell for Juliet to come in with food and then tries swinging a bat at her, but Juliet flips her over with some nifty martial arts moves. Locke comes to say goodbye. Now he’s leaving, but not for home. And the Others have told him all about Kate, but we only hear vagaries. Then Kate eats the sandwich Juliet dropped in the fight–way past the five second rule. The two get gassed by the Others and end up in the jungle handcuffed to one another. And Juliet doesn’t even know about the trip Locke was talking about.

Walking back to the Others camp in the rain, Juliet tells Kate not to go back for Jack, and they fight again. (Hot chicks in the rain, mmmmm…) Then they hear the monster. As the monster stalks them, we see flashes of light from his POV. Then he leaves the girls alone. With time to talk, Juliet tells Kate that Jack sent her away because he saw her doing Sawyer in the cage and it broke his heart. Juliet knows way more about Jack than Kate does, but that doesn’t dissuade Kate.

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The monster comes again and, in the spirit of the episode’s fetish theme, the girls fall in mud while running away. At the force shield fence, Juliet pulls out a key and undoes the cuffs so she can turn on the shields to keep out the black smoke. Juliet has some ‘splainin’ to do. She reveals the Others don’t exactly know what the smoke creature is, but they do know it doesn’t like their fences. Did Juliet conspire with Kate so the two could be friends, or is she just hoping to redeem herself with the Others?

The Others, meanwhile, have abandoned ship–and they’ve left no weapons behind. Kate finds Jack unconscious in a trashed apartment and apologizes for coming and ruining his chance to go too. But Jack asks about Juliet and Kate suddenly understands where his heart lies. Jack, Kate and Sayid are free to go, and Jack insists on bringing Juliet along since she’s been left behind too. Sayid and Kate exchange a disgruntled look.

In the flashback, Kate winds up in Iowa with a broken down car, and she’s going by the name Lucy. She runs into Sawyer’s old gal Cassidy running the necklace scam, but this mark is onto her. Kate covers for her, and when Cassidy figures out Kate doesn’t want the cops around, they hit it off. “Lucy” shares her story of killing her stepfather and running from the arresting marshal. She’s in Iowa to find her mother, but knows the law will be waiting for her. Cassidy will help her so she can give someone the happy ending she never got.

Cassidy tackles the marshal so Kate, sporting a curly brunette wig, can go visit her mom Diane, who’s working at a nearby diner. Cassidy wants to know why Kate needs to see her mom so desperately. Kate reveals mom gave her up after the whole insurance policy/home explosion scam. At the restaurant, Cassidy spills chili on Diane so Kate can corner her in the bathroom. Diane doesn’t forgive her for murdering her lover–good or bad. Kate says she killed him for herself, not for mom. Mom doesn’t rat Kate out this time but threatens to if she ever sees her again. Kate’s lips quiver again. On the way out of town, Cassidy reveals she’s pregnant with Sawyer’s kid and still loves him. She won’t call the cops on him for the same reason Kate can’t forgive her mom.

At the beach, Hurley warns Sawyer the Losties are going to vote to banish him. He suggests making amends, but Sawyer acts like Sawyer. Sawyer starts noticing people looking at him differently. He tries to catch a fish on his own, but realizes he should stay in the group to get the cooking done for him. Hurley helps him make amends, starting with kissing Claire’s baby. He helps Desmond hunt and cooks for the crew but finds out there’s no vote. Hurley tricked Sawyer into being nice because he’s their temporary leader. But Sun still looks at him badly.

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