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‘Lost’ Season Three Recap: Ep. 2

“The Glass Ballerina”

Sun is apparently a lot tougher than we think.

Things start off in a flashback, with Sun, as a little girl, accidentally breaking a glass ballerina in her father’s study. When her stern father confronts Sun, she puts the blame on the maid, even though she knows the maid will get fired for it. Very telling indeed.

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Then flashing forward, we see that Sun and the hotel manager’s son, Jae, the same guy who taught her English, have gotten a tad more intimate. Wait, could Jae be the baby daddy? Hmmm. Unfortunately, Sun’s father walks in on them, but rather than tell Jin of Sun’s betrayal, Sun’s father orders Jin to kill Jae–for business reasons. Jin can’t do it. He instead gives Jae a thrash beating and tells him to leave the country. But Jae believes Jin knows about the affair and ends up jumping off a balcony anyway. Or was he pushed?

Back on the island, Sayid, Sun and Jin are on the boat. After a day and half without word from Jack, Sayid figures they’ve been captured and sets about trying to attempt some kind of rescue, luring the Others to the beach so he can ambush them. He tells Sun of his plans but says not to tell Jin. Thing is, Jin understands more English than they think and knowing the plan, feels betrayed when Sun lies to him. Oops. Hope she doesn’t ever say anything about her dalliance with Jae. That’ll send Jin over the edge.

Meanwhile, the Others put Sawyer and Kate through the ringer, making them do manual labor all day in the hot sun. Naturally, Sawyer doesn’t really respond well to authority and ends up getting a couple of Taser gun shocks from some badass (don’t his name yet). Still, risking another shock, Sawyer can’t resist the urge to kiss Kate after noticing how cute she looks, whacking away at rocks in her sun dress. Gotta love Sawyer.

Jack has an interesting conversation with Ben, who officially introduces himself to the doctor, telling Jack he’s been on the island his whole life. His whole life? Then how can Ben have as much information as he does? Obviously, there has to been numerous ways to get off the island and back to civilization. In fact, Ben informs Jack that if he helps them, Ben will make sure Jack goes home. Help them do what? And why does Juliet look like she wants to buck Ben’s authority at every turn?

Ben also finds out about the boat. He sends a small team to investigate and claim the vessel–led by a woman who has some romantic ties to the guy who likes to use the Taser gun. While Sayid and Jin wait in the jungle, trying to catch the Others, they are actually climbing on the boat—with Sun onboard. The woman leader goes down into the hold and finds Sun, pointing a gun at her, demanding to get off the boat. She tells Sun she and the Others are not the enemy, but if Sun shoots her, then they will be. Undeterred, Sun shoots her anyway—and escapes into the water to rejoin Sayid and Jin.

See? A LOT tougher.

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