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‘Lost’ Season Two Recap: Ep. 18


I’m starting to believe the theory these islanders are all just a bunch of mice in a maze, controlled by some megalomaniac sitting up in some ivory tower somewhere.

Now that we find out “Henry” is indeed working for the other side, our group have become jailors in effect, keeping watch over the prisoner of war. Sayid and Ana Lucia, of course, have a few choice questions to ask. But Henry swears he can’t talk because if he does, HE will kill him. Who is that exactly? The hillbilly guy with the beard? Uh, apparently not. It’s someone else–someone far more menacing, judging by the fear in our friend’s bug eyes.

Locke also has a lot to digest. Not only has Henry betrayed him, he finds out that if the numbers aren’t punched into the computer, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. The world will not come to an end. Yep, Henry tells Locke he never put in the numbers, that he stood there and watched as the weird hieroglyphics flashed, the humming sound intensified and then–nothing. The clock just went back to reading 108 minutes. Think it’s the truth?

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We also finally find out why Hurley was in the nut house. Libby takes it upon herself to try and get Hurley into shape, and he comes clean and confesses to Libby that he’s “sick”–that he has a problem with food–and shows her that he’s been hoarding food from the hatch. Libby encourages Hurley to destroy it, but the moment he does, the pallet, which was dropped by parachute in last week’s episode, is discovered by the entire group, causing Hurley to have a breakdown…

We flashback to when Hurley is in the mental institution. He apparently already had a nervous breakdown after a deck he was standing on collapsed and two people were killed. Hurley feels it was his fault because, you know, he’s kinda heavy. And although his doctor assures him it wasn’t, Hurley can’t wrap his brain around it. No, instead, he creates an imaginary friend, Dave (Charlotte’s hubby from Sex and the City), who acts as a little devil on his shoulder, telling him to keep eating and run away.

And now Dave is back on the island. As Hurley slops a glob of peanut butter into his mouth, Dave appears. But here’s the kicker: He tells Hurley he never got better in the hospital. He says that Hurley is still there, in a catatonic state, and that everything that has happened to Hurley since then–leaving the hospital, getting his job back at the chicken joint, winning the lottery, and of course, crashing on this island, is all in Hurley’s head. He is making the whole thing up. And then Dave tells Hurley the only way to wake up is to jump off a cliff. Nice imaginary friend, I tell ya.

Libby comes to the rescue. She finds Hurley on the cliff and convinces him it’s all real; she even gives him a little kiss to cement it. Awww, Hurley’s in love. But there’s one last hitch: Remember when Hurley thought he recognized Libby? Well, it’s cause Libby was at the hospital, too–as a patient.

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