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Monday: ‘How I Met Your Mother’

[IMG:L]How I Met Your Mother — 8:30/7:30c on CBS

There’s a small chance you might’ve heard about Britney Spears’ guest-starring role on tonight’s How I Met Your Mother, but did you know that Scrubs’ Sarah Chalke also stops by?

Spears’ much-reported guest role features the fallen pop star playing a dermatologist’s receptionist who has a huge crush on Ted (Josh Radnor).

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Funnily enough, it has been virtually unreported that TV veteran Chalke is that dermatologist, the one Ted is really interested in.

It stands to reason, though: The beloved but little-watched HIMYM needs all the buzz it can get these days.

Tonight is the sitcom’s second show back since its writers-strike-induced hiatus. It is preceded and followed by new episodes of the more fortunate Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, respectively.

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