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Monday: ‘How I Met Your Mother’

[IMG:L]How I Met Your Mother — 8:30/7:30c on CBS

Britney Spears, Take 2. And…action!

The pop star–who has joined Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan as fallen megastars trying to get back up again, professionally–returns to CBS’ should-be-a-hit sitcom for her second stint.

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Spears’ first appearance came, with much hype, on March 24, when she co-guest-starred alongside Scrubs’ Sarah Chalke as a dermatologist’s receptionist named Abby.

The episode gave HIMYM a massive ratings boost and Spears a rare moment of good press.

Both show and guest star will benefit similarly with Spears’ second stint. She is now dating Ted’s (Josh Radnor) former friend Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), and seeing as Barney and Abby currently share a hatred for Ted, they flaunt their romance in front of him.

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