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Sony’s Playstation 2 Launch Party

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 23, 2000 — Stars from television and film showed up at the Pacific Design Center Thursday night for Sony’s launch party for the Playstation 2. The likes of Carmen Electra, Luke Wilson and Antonio Sabato Jr. got a sneak peek at the new player and a chance to test drive it before its U.S release on Oct. 26.

“I’m a gamer, definitely. My favorite game right now is ‘Tomb Raider,’ so I can’t wait to get in there and play the new versions,” said Jason Biggs (“American Pie”).

The Playstation 2 entertainment system brings together games, music and movies, and will eventually serve as a network platform in the broadband era.

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“I’m an addict. I’ll play all day and night,” confessed Billy Campbell (“Once and Again”).

Other Playstation 2 maniacs in attendance included Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Vin Diesel, Wayne Brady, Soleil Moon Frye and Rachel Hunter.

Trey Alexander

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