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Sunday: ‘Monk’

[IMG:L]Monk — 8/7c on NBC

“If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you” returns tonight.

NBC’s long-running slogan is very much applicable to reruns of Monk, which are finally being siphoned to the Peacock.

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The Emmy-winning dramedy from USA Network, which is owned by NBC Universal, would’ve made much more sense as an NBC transplant during the writers strike rather than after it, but it’s never too late to appreciate Tony Shalhoub’s multilayered performance as the obsessive-compulsive police detective Adrian Monk–and, again, if you haven’t seen it before…

Tonight’s debut episode on NBC does not start at the beginning, however: “Mr. Monk Makes a Friend” originally aired in the middle of last season.

Monk makes a new friend (guest star Andy Richter), which is very rare for him, but Monk’s assistant Natalie (Traylor Howard) and the rest of the gang are suspicious of his new buddy.

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