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The ‘Knowing’ Cast Talks Time Capsules

[IMG:L]In the film Knowing, a time capsule is unearthed and a cryptic page of numbers reveal an encoded message that has predicted every major disaster from the last 50 years — with three events yet to occur.

Nicolas Cage plays a professor who stumbles on terrifying predictions about the future — and sets out to prevent them from coming true. The actors and producer from the film shared their thoughts about the not so-terrifying items they’d like to put in a time capsule.

[IMG:R]Rose Byrne: “I’d like to put in a diary, something a bit racy, with good secrets, so it would be entertaining for the person who found it.”

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Nicolas Cage: “It would be interesting to put this movie into a time capsule, because then it would become very cubist. I’ll leave it at that.”

Lara Robinson (Byrne’s daughter in the film): “Well, I’ve never seen a time capsule, but I have heard about them. I’d put in my favorite songs. I would put in photos of what our computers and electronic things look like to see if they’ve changed. I would put a journal of a year of my life and photos of landmarks in Australia. And I’d put a globe in, just in case things change. Finally, I would put in a book about Australia. I’d probably put a time capsule in for a hundred years and see what the difference is then.” 

[IMG:L]Chandler Canterbury (Cage’s son in the film): “I would put in a picture of my family to show what fun we’ve had together…and maybe Legos.” 

Steven Jones (Executive Producer): “I’d like to put myself into a time capsule. That would be the greatest thing, if I could preserve myself and put myself into a time capsule and come out and see what the future is going to be like. Maybe just my brain or something like that.”

What would YOU put in a time capsule?

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