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Thursday: ‘The Office’

[IMG:L]The Office — 8/7c on NBC

No, it’s not new just yet, but we’re definitely gettin’ there.

Any Office repeat, however, is better than most first-run shows, especially since said shows are primarily of the reality variety these days.

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Tonight’s rerun, like damn near all Office episodes, became an instant classic when it originally aired in pre-writers-strike 2007.

“Money,” which premiered during season 4’s early stages when hour-long episodes were the norm, centers on Michael’s (Steve Carell) growing financial problems–with a healthy side of Jim (John Krasinski), Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson).

Michael takes desperate measures as Jan (Melora Hardin) takes seemingly all of his money. Jim and Pam, meanwhile, boost Dwight’s spirits by staying at his creepy Schrute Farms lodge for what was meant to be a relaxing retreat.

But fret not, fellow Dunder-Mifflinites–The Office is all-new April 10.

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