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TV Rewind: ‘American Idol’ Returns, Alliances Form on ‘Housewives,’ Flavor Flav Needs a Cook

Idol Worshippers
American Idol returned for its fifth (and hopefully final) season. Right now is the best time to watch this stale show, as Randy, Paula, and Simon sit through days of horrendous auditions in order to select the final victors. In auditions this past week, there was Derek Dupree, who forgot his deodorant–and his talent–at home. And it’s too bad someone didn’t try and to shoot Deputy Sherriff Brandon Groves, after his rendition of “I Shot the Sherriff.” The horror on the judges’ faces, however, goes on for way too long. Since the rest of the season is just fluff, having the show on two nights a week is a waste of time.

More Desperation; ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex Moves Ahead
Slowly trying climb their way out of the hole dug by show scribes, the Desperate Housewives add more secrets to the already unanswered ones. I’m pretty sure most of us have forgotten Bree’s son killed Carlos’ mother by way of a hit and run. Unfortunately for Bree, her daughter remembers and the secret is being held in the not-so-trustworthy hands of Betty Applewhite. Blacto kmail is the name of the game, and something tells me Betty’s got something up her sleeve. Bree better watch out…On Grey’s Anatomy, we finally find out that Alex passed his boards. This isn’t much of surprise, but the fact we have to watch the whole episode before finding out is clever. Way to keep us viewers glued.

Reality Rewind: Ruthie Runs the Gauntlet; Flavor Flav’s Needs a Cook; Project Runway Goes on Ice
In what may have been the biggest upset in a Real World/Road Rules challenge to date, Ruthie is sent packing by the most hated Real World-er ever: Beth. I’m pretty sure I hear her laugh in my nightmares…What may seem as an easy task proves otherwise for Flavor Flav’s potential mates. Flav needs a woman who can cook, especially fried chicken, so he gives the girls 30 minutes to cook him the best chicken he has ever eaten. “Hottie” thinks it is OK to put a full chicken in the microwave, (no, really, she believes it would be healthier without the grease). Needless to say, the chicken was not edible. Yet, Hottie will live to see another day in the Flavor Flav household…As one of the better competition reality shows, Project Runway takes to the ice as designers are set to create a figure skating outfit. Santino, who himself is running on thin ice, makes an outfit that looks like a Jo-Ann Fabrics store threw up all over it. But the real story is Emmett, a men’s clothing designer, who insists on wearing his own bright pink spandex shirt to the judging. Hedi sends him packing. Yes, Emmett, it is the shirt.

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Keep your eyes peeled
The auditions on American Idol should continue to prove their entertainment value, at least for the next two weeks. Also, on the Bachelor, two previously rejected bachelorettes return to help the doc decide between the six remaining women. Should make for an interesting situation considering the girls he has already let go (Allie G anyone?) And of coarse, the countdown is still on for the next season of the Sopranos, beginning in March.

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