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TV Rewind: Key West Welcomes the New ‘Real World’; the Ghetto Bachelor Picks His Girl; and ‘The Apprentice’ Has Got Some Hungry Sharks

The Drama Begins on The Real World
Season 17 of The Real World has begun and this time around, seven extremely strong personalities have been put together–“to find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting real.” The typical formula season after season has included specific “characters” if you will, and this time is no exception. You have your frat boy, John who loves women, drinking, and anything else dealing with the two. There’s your drama queen, Svetlana, who also may or may not also be close to the Russian Mafia, (according to the no-holds-barred homosexual of the house, Tyler). Then there is the nice guy, Zach, who may or may not hook up on the show, but we continuously root for him to get some. Of course no season would be complete without some issues: Key West’s version of Ruthie’s drinking problem is Paula’s eating disorder. Not only is it a problem for her, but it seems to resonate throughout the entire cast. There is always one person who thinks they can help everyone. Hawaii had Matt, San Diego had Jaquese, and now, Key West has Janelle, a feisty law student who seems to have a heart of gold. Then there is Jose, the quiet one who also gets very little airtime. Still, there has only been three episodes so far–and all of this can change at any moment.

Flavor Picks His Queen
After the crazy events at the last elimination–i.e Pumpkin getting sent home and spitting in New York’s face–Flav had narrowed the girls down to two: New York and Hoops. The girls are sent to Mexico for some final alone time with “your boy,” and things get heated when Hoops starts to rip apart New York at dinner with Flav. Seems the night before, New York and Flavor “made music together,” but standing by her principals, Hoops did not sleep with him. She must have done something right, cause Flav picks Hoops to be his ghetto princess, giving her a gold grill to prove his affection. New York graciously says good-bye to the love of her life and waits until she gets into the limo to lose it. By lose it, I mean someone give this girl something to calm her down. I thought she was going to have a massive anxiety attack. But I guess that’s what extreme arrogance will do to a person.

Sharks Bite on The Apprentice
After a grueling task of unveiling the 2007 Chevy Tahoe to the big wigs over at General Motors, Team Synergy wows them with their “Nature Refined” theme and is safe from the board room this week. Lucky for them, project manager Andrea ensures the needy Brent won’t be a problem by giving him tons of busy work so he won’t hurt the team. All her efforts will pay off when the group finds out their reward for winning: a trip to swim with real sharks, not just the sharks from the business world. While everyone else on the team is getting pumped up, Brent begins to freak out as sharks are not his favorite type of fish. I hope The Donald keeps Brent for a little longer. The entertainment value he gives to the show is unparallel to anyone seen on The Apprentice in all five seasons.

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled
MTV’s latest addition, 8th and Ocean chronicles young model’s careers in South Beach. Pretty people in a pretty town, what’s not to love? The show airs Tuesdays right after The Real World. American Idol has hit the final 12–now is the time to start watching! Tuesday nights at 8:00, with the results Wednesday at 9:00.

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