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The New Addams Family Cast In ‘Wednesday’: A First Look

Get ready for Halloween’s favorite family to return to the screen! Tim Burton introduces us to a new Addams Family in his upcoming Netflix live-action series Wednesday. The last time we saw a rendition of the lovable family was in the animated films The Addams Family (2020) and The Addams Family 2 (2021). Here’s all the spooky details you need to know about the upcoming show, cast and plot.

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Wednesday follows our favorite anti-hero 

According to a first look by Vanity Fair, the Netflix series centers on the Addams family’s daughter, Wednesday. 

“The mystery of the series is a number of murders that plague the small town where Wednesday has been sent to Nevermore Academy, a prestigious boarding school for outcasts. Death and decay are not unsettling for her. They’re actually soothing at a time when she is learning to live on her own.” 

In this adaptation of the Addams Family, Wednesday is now of high school age, and audiences will get to see the complex relationships between herself and her family, especially with her mother, Morticia. 

The Addams family is filled with some exciting favorites 

Academy Award-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones will take over the role of Morticia, the strong-willed matriarch of the family. Luis Guzmán plays the passionate father Gomez, while Isaac Ordonez plays the cute but helpless Pugsley. 

Breakthrough star Jenna Ortega will take on the titular role of Wednesday. Jenna has starred in films like Scream, XThe Fallout, and season 2 of the Netflix series, You. Because of her experience within the horror genre, she is subsequently the perfect fit for Wednesday. We can’t wait to see her take on the role. 

Deadline also reports that Christina Ricci, who originated the character of Wednesday in the Addams Family movies from the ‘90s, will have a major role in the series. If she’s not playing Wednesday, who will she be?  

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Fans react to ‘Wednesday’ first look

The new Netflix show, Wednesday, is nothing short of dope. 

The casting of Luis Guzmán as Gomez is *chefs kiss*.

We all obviously love a Tim Burton creation.

Much like Gomez, we’re all obsessed with Morticia Adams.

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We can’t wait until ‘Wednesday’ hits Netflix. Until then, we will rewatch Christina Ricci’s iconic portrayal as Wednesday.


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