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10 HIMYM Memes That Prove Fans Are Still Not Over The Finale

It’s been more than a year since the How I Met Your Mother finale premiered and fans are still not over it. That’s probably understandable since they spent so many years waiting to find out how it all ends. But many fans felt like the writers really messed things up with the flash-forward ending. So how are they dealing? By making memes of course! Here are ten to prove that many fans are just not over it.

1. R.I.P to the longest story ever told.


2. At least some aren’t raging over it…

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3. Even the Avengers are still discussing this.

Tumblr/Marvel Entertainment

4. Professor X and Iron Man are pretty much on the same team.

Tumblr/20th Century Fox

5. Everyone is still feeling hurt from the writers.


6. And pointing out the parallels between it and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.


7. When you watch this weird situation then you can’t help but laugh.

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8. Because let’s face it, they’re laughing at us!


9. Thinking about how the kids are leaving with this very disturbing message.


10. But most importantly, can we get the last 10 years back?


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