See All The Fan Reactions to “A” In PLL’s “Game Over, Charles”

ABC Family/Tumblr

We’ve been waiting for this moment since June 8, 2010. We’ve finally gotten a face for the person who has been tormenting our entire lives on Pretty Little Liars. In “Game Over, Charles” the mysterious “A” has been revealed and we NEVER could have predicted this.

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The episode began with the Liars running like hell and then Charles was going to jump and all the fans screamed:

Then Mona freaked us all out:

The girls quickly got to the Carissimi Group and wound up in A’s brain:

Sara was shady (like always) and fans knew she wasn’t to be trusted:

The biggest bomb of the series dropped when Ali called CeCe family:

People immediately put the signs together:

Then we heard CeCe/Charlie’s backstory and it was terribly heartbreaking:

And a fan theory about who killed Mrs. Cavanaugh finally was revealed and fans were excited to hear they were right:

We learned CeCe (and Red Coat?) had plans to blow up Radley:

Fans felt for CeCe when they realized all that she went through from becoming Charles:

But everoyne was immediately weirded out by Charlie/CeCe’s relationship with Jason:

Fans finally got to see the other side of the night that Ali went missing:

Which prompted Mona to reveal she killed Bethany because she hated Ali that much and fans were like same:

Fans finally learned that Mona did know A while she was in Radley and were excited to learn the details:

Fans were thankful that the episode was actually extremely revealing:

Red Coat’s identity was revealed and EVERY FAN was so happy to say they knew it:

Then it was revealed she went to Ali’s “funeral” as Black Widow:

The liars managed to convince CeCe not to jump…but they didn’t know what to think about the #GameOver:

There was a time jump to Labor Day and fans freaked out:

But they didn’t even have time to deal with that time jump before things went #5YearsForward:

So much was revealed, yet fans have more questions than ever:

Not everyone was into the reveal that CeCe was A:

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