Watch ‘Breaking Ice,’ the Best ‘Breaking Bad’ Figure Skating Tribute You’re Ever Going to See

We had previously postulated about a Breaking Bad ballet, but truth be told, a meth-inspired ice skating show sounds just as magical. Thanks to a very special BB fan, also known as the show’s assistant editor Sharidan Williams-Sotelo, we are now in possession of one of the greatest tributes to Walt and Jesse ever.

Earlier this morning, “Ozymandias” directer Rian Johnson tweeted out the link to the video: “My friend @blogstradamus [Williams-Sotelo] (she cut the Ozymandias promo) was responsible for this Breaking Bad On Ice extravaganza.” And because everyone can get behind this hysterically weird (and surprisingly deep) homage to Breaking Bad, even AMC posted the video.

Breaking IceAMC

Here are a few of our favorite highlights from the video:

– The fact that Walt is figure skating in only his tighty-whities in the opening scene.
– The music choices: whimsical and intense all at the same time.
– How amazingly high Skinny Pete and Badger can jump in the air. Who knew Skinny Pete could do flying splits?
– “Elegy for Jane.”
– An extremely haunting interpretation of the pink Teddy bear’s signifcance in the show.
– A skating number danced to just the sound of Gale’s beautiful yet naive voice.

So, since the Breaking Bad opera is already set to happen, what’s to stop this figure skating show from becoming a real thing? But, seriously. Who’s taking this project on? Because it definitely needs to happen.