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22 of Chandler Bing’s Funniest Jokes and One-Liners

The exciting news was recently released that the entire series of Friends is coming to Netflix! With 10 seasons of pure comedy genius and heartwarming friendships, it’s hard to decide what we’re looking forward to most. I think it’s safe to assume that Ross’ love for Rachel, Joey’s idiocracy and once-fat Monica are all things we can’t wait to see again, but, for us, there is something that trumps it all. Chandler Bing‘s countless side comments, silly slogans and scewed wisdom that once had us falling off our seats with laughter will be back to entertain us yet again.


1. On knowing himself: 

2. On slogans for everyday items:

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3. On hunting gear:

4. On the truth about eating:

5. On PDA:

6. On kissing:

7. On being the funny one:

8. On Christmas surprises:

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9. On solving problems: 

10. On lasting love:

11. On his relationship status:

12. On childhood cartoons:

13. On sophistication: 

14. On being ignored:

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15. On being ignored (again): 

16. On weekend exercising:

17. On what to do with balloons:

18. On synonyms: 

19. On making conversation:

20. On sharing: 

21. On Joey’s perseverance:

22. When words aren’t enough:

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