Fans React To Mona’s Return in PLL’s “She’s No Angel”: Read the Tweetcap

Pretty Little Liars, She's No Angel
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After a crazy season opener involving the “doll house”, Pretty Little Liars fans haven’t seen Mona since. In “She’s No Angel” Mona finally makes her return to Rosewood and things get hectic for the liars. Are they getting the answers they need or only more questions?

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Fans weren’t really sure about the opening sequence:

People wondered why Spencer would choose to call Aria out of all the liars:

Mona finally reappeared after weeks of being away and fans had multiple different reactions:

Like with all new characters, people had theories about Clark:

No body was #TeamLeslie in that fight:

Hanna’s insult to Spencer was inspiring for fans:

And everyone called Spencer out for being too obvious:

It looks like people are not interested in a potential Ali/Lorenzo story line:

And they were also tired of Ali’s dad being such a jerk:

Everyone wants to know why the hell Emily is so concerned with Sara’s life:

When Spencer found Mona in front of Ali’s house, people were suspicious:

No one wanted the girls to go back to Radley, especially at night:

Fans’ thoughts were all over the place about A:

When Ali and Lorenzo kissed…there were some mixed emotions:

Of course the noise that Spencer and Hanna heard wasn’t A, just Mona:

Some fans cracked jokes when the person in the black hoodie showed up:

The big reveal of the night came when Mona told everyone why she was in the basement:

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