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17 Lessons In Friendship We Learned From ‘Broad City’

Have you started watching Broad City yet? The Comedy Central series was created by two besties – Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer – who star on the show as versions of themselves. These New York City broads get into all kinds of outrageous shenanigans, but at the show’s core, it’s a story about real female friendship. It’s been compared to Girls, but if you like Girls, we think you’ll like Broad City even better. It returns for season two in January! Here’s what Abbi and Ilana have taught us so far about friendship:


1. Celebrating your birthdays together – while looking fab – is a must.


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2. When you need money for a girls’ night out (or a Lil Wayne concert), stealing office supplies is sometimes necessary.


3. A Bed, Bath & Beyond bestie shopping trip is always in order. Because the coupons NEVER expire.


4. If your bestie doesn’t hear from you, she’ll immediately think you’ve been SVU’d.


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5. Double dating doesn’t always work out the way you want it to.


6. Getting drunk together is always more fun.


7. Be comfortable enough around each other to make ugly faces.

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8. Getting maced can be a bonding experience.


9. Have hobbies you can share together.


10. Encourage expensive purchases (you can always return them later).


11. Ogling guys on the basketball court is always an acceptable pastime.


12. Sometimes you need to just call it a night so you can go home and watch Netflix.


13. Support each other’s financial successes. (Preferably with a sweet rap video fantasy.)


14. Always figure out who is the Bey and who is the Jay of the relationship.


15. Be a supportive wingwoman while your friend is trying to flirt.


16. Help each other stay sane while apartment hunting.


17. Always be prepared to literally lift each other up.


There you have it! A friendship to last a lifetime.

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