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Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas Will Make Future Cameos on ‘Once Upon A Time’


Ginnifer Goodwin has promised fans they haven’t seen the end of her Snow White character on hit show Once Upon A Time, despite her “bittersweet” decision to quit as a main castmember.

The actress and her husband Josh Dallas, who portrays her onscreen Prince Charming, were both recently revealed to be leaving the show after six seasons, joining fellow departing stars Jennifer Morrison, Emilie de Ravin, and Jared Gilmore.

The mass exodus took fans of the fairytale series by surprise, since the show has been renewed for a seventh season, but Ginnifer insists their exit was always planned so their characters could live happily ever after.

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“What came with the bittersweet decision to give these characters a happy ending – and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for that – is room for a new story to grow and flourish as Snow and Charming’s did,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

And while the real-life couple will no longer be show regulars, the actress assures devotees she and Josh will both be available to make guest appearances on future episodes when called upon.

“Of course I, and we, will be back,” she continued. “It’s merely time for Once to focus on something new because Once does ‘new’ extremely well.”

Meanwhile, Once Upon A Time co-creator and executive producer Edward Kitsis reveals leaving the series will allow Ginnifer and Josh to leave Vancouver, Canada, where the show is filmed, and move back to Los Angeles to enjoy more time with their two young sons.

Discussing the high-profile exits with TheWrap.com, he said, “It’s really a case of, it’s an ensemble show, and a lot of people are at different points in their life (sic). And after 134 episodes, some people, they’ve been living away from home for six years, and some people wanted to return, some people had kids…

Josh and Ginny, we knew they were going to leave this year, so we wrote a year that allowed them to get their happy ending. Everything was amicable – there was (nothing based on) pick-ups. Everything was made out of a creative decision, which is hard for people to believe, I guess.”

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The actors met and fell in love on the set of Once Upon A Time in 2011, and wed in 2014, a month before welcoming their first child, Oliver. Their second kid, Hugo, will celebrate his first birthday on 1 June (17).

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