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Ian McShane Fuming Over ‘Deadwood’ Cancellation

British actor Ian McShane is furious over the way HBO cancelled his acclaimed western series Deadwood.

The network pulled the plug on Deadwood last month, just weeks before the show’s third season began.

And McShane, who won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Al Swearengen in the drama, is unhappy with the decision.

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He tells the New York Daily News, “I thought the whole thing was handled shabbily. But what the f**k, HBO and Deadwood have been very good to me.

“However, I think what’s been lost in everybody slapping each other on the back, with a possible two two-hour movies to wrap up the series after this season, is that Deadwood is one of the most acclaimed series on TV. A truly great show. So I was initially shocked. And now I’m sad.

“You’ll never know what the f**k really happened.

“And we’ll see if the two-hour movies come to fruition or not. Part of me prefers it to six one-hour shows, because in a two-hour movie you can play with space and time and cover more material.

“Look, I loved playing this part. I love the way HBO handled everything up to this point.

“I think we needed four or five seasons to finish telling the story. I just thought it was odd to cancel the series before season three was even on the air. Whether this was some devious publicity ploy to get more people to watch or not, who knows.

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“But the f**king story of Deadwood wasn’t finished, man. So I’m sad about it being cancelled like this.”

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