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Kristen Bell Fed Us Fruit Flies: Late Last Night

Look, I love Kristen Bell. Was she cute and perky and in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Heck yeah. But on Leno she made a disgusting confession: as a teenager working at TCBY she knowingly served yogurt with fruit flies in it. Ewwwww. But it’s not like that would change my mind about her. She’s way too cute to let a few little fruit flies stand in my way.

Morgan Spurlock was on Jimmy Kimmel talking about his new movie about movie advertisement, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. I have to say, love the suit. It fits him well. Surprisingly, this clip gets a little meta at the end so I included both segments of this. Who knows why they split a five minute interview into two sections at the oddest point possible. Maybe a sponsorship deal? Conspiracy!

Ricky Gervais showed the world his gift to David Letterman. You know you got someone something good when you can talk about it on national television and you know everyone at home is jealous. New goal in life: get a blue plaque.

And since this was fairly dude-heavy, let’s balance it out a bit. Hayden Panettiere was on Conan talking Scream 4 and her boyfriend who is apparently a giant. Good for her.

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Added bonus: the Foo Fighters stuck around after Letterman’s show was over to sing Everlong. I just really like the song and wanted to share. Enjoy!

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