‘Lost Girl’ Recap: 50 Shades of Fae

Lost GirlSyfy

Bo and Dyson are celebrating her return…by fighting. It looks like Dyson has new digs: a boxing gym. Strange choice. Even stranger, despite their sordid history, they’ve resumed their f-buddy-ship. Afterwards, Kenzi takes Bo to the Dal to celebrate her return. But, the Dementors Una Mens have made everyone miserable. Bo uses her sexy touch to start a dance party…to the Spice Girls. Is this opposite world?

Teenage Tamsin is adjusting to her new life. She’d practicing twerking and bonding with Kenzi. It looks like when she grows up she will be a lot more fun. She stays home alone because despite being ancient she’s too young to drink. Bizarrely, some ninjas storm the clubhouse. It causes a scared Tamsin to grow into her adult self. She still wasn’t able to stop the masked men from robbing the house. Adult Tamsin still has the mind of a teenager, but ends up rejoining Dyson as his partner. Their latest case is the hunt for Lauren.

In an undisclosed bunker (possibly an unused set from Homeland), Lauren and Crystal are imprisoned. Crystal confesses she “spy-banged” Lauren because she was believed nothing bad would happen. But she fell in love. Now paging, Mademoiselle Cliché. Lauren reveals she has a brother, her real name is Karen, and she built bombs for a terrorist cell. This is a huge departure from the meek doctor we used to know. Cue the Gotye song. A mysterious voice threatens Lauren into helping a sick Fae Elder. Lauren, finally fed up with all the Fae drama, negotiates Crystal’s release and challenges who she thinks is Hale and the Light Fae. Big reveal…she’s talking to someone else. Who is she talking to? Is it The Morrigan? Vex? Or could it be, Aife?

Kenzi’s pixie-dust addiction comes to a head. Massimo the Druid is behind the robbery at the Clubhouse and kidnaps Kenzi. Bo saves the day, per usual, and finds out they can erase Kenzi’s debt if they get some herbs from Lauren’s apartment. It ends up being a trap. They get stuck in the apartment by a Fae blocking spell. But why is Massimo trying to keep them hostage? As a Druid, he wants Valkyrie hair because it’s powerful and valuable. He wants a crack at Tamsin. Meanwhile, Kenzi reveals her Jubilee power abuse and that she kissed Dyson. Dyson later pops by to console Kenzi about the mess and offers to teach her how to be “more than human.” 

At Massimo’s lair, Bo arrives in time to save Tamsin. But while she’s battling Massimo, Tamsin reveals an epic set of wings. That means this is her last life on Earth. Looks like there is a limit to the circle of life. Bo steals a little of his chi and finds out he’s human. She takes back the hair he tried to steal and throws it in a pit of fire. He starts to cry and says it’s for him “mommy.” Then he jumps into the fire to get it. Bo and Kenzi have a heart to heart about her addiction and she’s been scared this whole time because the Una Mens are after claimed humans. Bo forgives Kenzi and decides to take care of it once and for all.

All episode, Bo has been stalked by a gargoyle. She finds out gargoyles only serve Elder Fae. So the inevitable Bo/Una Mens confrontation happens. They reveal they only wanted her because she was unallied. But now she is. It turns out Bo has chosen a side…the Dark side. Insert Darth Vader theme here. It looks like her memory isn’t all she lost on the terror train.


Bo is Dark now. This means there’s bound to be a big shift in the show. Lauren’s mysterious kidnapper is probably Dark. Bo will probably get closer to Tamsin, Vex, and The Morrigan who are all dark. Bo will have friction with the members of the Light including her grandfather, Trick, who did something sketchy to Aife. 

Kenzi and Hale are bound to get together soon. They’ve been almost there forever. But there relationship will get into trouble when he finds out that she sold Massimo the twig of Zamora. It’s a family heirloom that makes you immortal… you don’t just give that away. 

This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Massimo. He jumped into the fire voluntarily so he knows something we don’t know. Is his mommy Aife? 

Dyson plans to teach Kenzi about being more than human. This sounds like the perfect occasion for a montage.