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11 Questions Every ‘Supernatural’ Fan Wants Answered

Supernatural is about to enter it’s 11th season next month. That’s a long time for a television show to be on TV. Then again this is the same channel Smallville was on for 10 years. After all these years of following Dean and Sam Winchester in “the family business” we have a few big questions. Some more important than others.

1. How long is Sam’s hair going to get?

The CW/Tumblr

Dean finds the time to get a haircut each year. Why won’t you Sammy?

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2. How did Dean kill Death? What does that mean now?


If Death is dead, what does this mean for the future of everyone on this show? What happens when people die now? Does Dean take care of them?

3. Is Adam still in hell?


Is Adam really still in Lucifer’s cage? Is he even Adam anymore? Will they ever rescue him?

4. Where is God?

The CW/Tumblr

There have been plenty of rumors about God over the years. Yet, 10 seasons deep and there’s still no sign of him. He’s gone from fashionably late to rude.

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5. Why is it okay to just stab every demon instead of trying to exorcise them?

The CW/Tumblr

Remember when they had a moral dilemma every time they killed a demon that was possessing a human? When did that stop being an issue?

6. Where is John Winchester? We’ve never seen him in hell, purgatory, or heaven.


Last we heard from John (not young John that Dean and Sam met later on) was season 3. Dean assumed his father was in hell, but this was never confirmed. Both boys have seen most of their dead loved ones, either as a ghost, in heaven, or in hell, so why haven’t we seen John?

7. When did Dean and Sam stop caring about their identity?


Remember the season where they were running from the law? We know how that story line ended, but we thought they had to tread lightly afterwards. Do they? No. But why?

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8. Where do they keep these fresh-pressed suits?


Since Dean does not fly, they sometimes spend days in the Impala. How do they keep their suits (which you never actually see in the car) looking so good?

9. Where do they get their money from?


Does hunting pay well?

10. What happens if you die in purgatory?

Tumblr/The CW

If you’re killed in purgatory, does that mean you cut to the front of the line for Heaven or Hell?

11. Who is going to die first – Dean or Sam?


Sorry to bring it up, but we all know it’s coming. Even Sam Winchester himself has confirmed that the show will most likely end with either Sam or Dean (maybe both) dead and staying that way. So who will it be?


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