14 Reasons Nathan Scott Is The Better Scott Brother

If you’ve ever watched an episode of One Tree Hill, then you know the younger generation of Scott brothers, Lucas and Nathan. Dan and Keith are a whole different conversation/fight to have. Lucas is pegged as the “good” brother, who didn’t have a lot growing up and Nathan is the “jerk” who had everything handed to him. Well, we’re here to clear that up. Because Nathan Scott > Lucas Scott.

1. Nathan knows he is hot and isn’t afraid to show it off:


Yeah, Lucas was hot too, but c’mon we’d rather see Nate shirtless any day.

2. He managed to convince Haley how perfect of a couple they would be:


Naley forever. Leyton was end game for us when it came to Luke’s love life, but Naley was with us for 9 seasons and they were everything we wanted in a relationship. We do not envy poor Peyton.

3. And then Nate vowed to take care of Haley always:


Forever and always.

4. He knows more about love than most would think:


Lucas was the broody, emotional type, but Nathan knew what was up when it came to love. He didn’t need to say a lot, but he did say it, he really said it all.

5. No one could tempt this player-turned-family man:

The CW/bethanylenz.tumblr.com

Naley had their issues, but the issues never lasted for seasons like Luke’s female troubles. 

6. He builds the women around him up:

The CW/kellyseverride.tumblr.com

Nathan has been with the love of his life since he was a teenager. Since he got married, he’s been this super-sweet friend to all the women in his life.

7. He also always reminded his wife that he loves her and he’s lucky to be with her:

The CW/nathanrscott.tumblr.com

If we’re picking a future husband, we will choose Nathan every time.

8. His character went through one hell of a development over the seasons:

The CW/nathanrscott.tumblr.com

Nathan went from being the show’s biggest jerk to the most lovable guy.

9. Nate learned how to be a really good brother:

“Having a brother is a lot like having a best friend, he helped make me the man I am today.”

10. He’s a great dad:

The CW/gifingoth.tumblr.com

11. Scratch that, he’s an awesome dad:

The CW/otreehilldaily.tumblr.com

Luke left. We never got to see him be cute with Sawyer like we got to see Nate be perfectly adorable with Jamie and Lydia.

12. He doesn’t try so hard to sound profound:

The CW/izkim.tumblr.com

We love Shrek 2 as well. Who needs lots of fancy words when you can laugh with someone?

13. He survived Dan and Deb Scott:

The CW/dailyoth.tumblr.com

Luke and Nate might share fathers, but Luke got Karen, who is level-headed and always put Luke first. Poor Nate was left to Dan and Deb. Deb started out normal, but as expected, after years with Dan Scott, lost her shit. Despite his terrible parents, Nate turned out for the better and became an awesome parent himself.

14. We also cannot forget that one time he dressed up like a girl scout and made all of our lives better:

The CW/haleyscottjames.tumblr.com

A full girl scout uniform is funnier than a bra, sorry Luke.

Nathan Scott will always be our favorite Scott man. Why do you love Nate? Chat with us on Twitter!