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18 Ways Your Family is Just Like the Belchers in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

While the Belchers on Bob’s Burgers are certainly an offbeat family, they’re also, well, kind of relatable. Seriously, it’s scary how much our own family reminds us of the Belchers sometimes – whether it’s an annoying younger brother (Gene) or an overly enthusiastic mom (Linda). Bob’s Burgers may be a cartoon, but it’s also a lot like real life.


1. Your family takes random dance breaks:


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2. This is what you do when you really, really want something:


3. How you get ready:


4. Your little brother does a lot of dumb things:


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5. Getting gifts for mom and dad is always difficult:


6. Your mom denies ever being drunk:


7. These displays of sisterly love happen all the time:


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8. When you want your dad to pay for something:


9. Your mom always knows how to encourage you when you’re down:



10. When your mom freaks out about something minor:


11. Your dad frequently gets fed up with you and your siblings:


12. This is how you flirt:


13. Your mom is always secretly planning your wedding:


14. Your parents are often curious about how exactly you make money:



15. This is how you and your siblings pray for Christmas gifts:


16. Your mom is always proud, no matter how silly the achievement:



17. Your parents sometimes say inappropriate things:


18. Your parents would do anything for you:


How is YOUR family like the Belchers? Tell us on Twitter by following the links below!

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