Selma Blair Gets The Boot: Fired from Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’

Charlie Sheen, maybe you’re the one who needs some Anger Management — or at least a huge prescription of chill pills! 

Rumors have been swirling the interwebs that angst was brewing between Sheen and his FX co-star Selma Blair on the set of Anger Management.  TMZ previously reported that Blair has been openly criticizing Sheen — who just so happens to be the executive producer of the FX sitcom — for his subpar work ethic and lack of dedication to the hit series. 

And as we all remember from his Two and a Half Men days, Sheen isn’t so fond of constructive criticism. Instead of trying to work things out with the actress, Sheen is cutting the cord on Blair’s role. The Cruel Intentions star who played as Dr. Kate Wales, a therapist and Sheen’s on-screen “friend with benefits,” is abruptly leaving the Anger Management just as the series reaches its 90-episode second season mark. 

Deadline reports that Sheen pulled a Russell Brand and fired Blair over text. Way to keep it professional, Sheen! Although Blair has been on the series since it first premiered last summer, her role will not be recast. Apparently Sheen wants to throw That 70’s Show actress Mila Kunis into the series — for a cool $1 million an episode  to fill the female void left in Blair’s absence 

Although it’s a shame to see Blair get the boot, we have to admit that it would be fun having Mila Kunis back on our TV screens. As Sheen would say: “Winning!”

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