‘The Voice’: Our 5 Favorite Contestants So Far

Since The Voice battle rounds began last night and at any moment a fan favorite could be sent packing, it’s only appropriate to take a closer look at the show’s heavy hitters and rank the top 5 to this point. The teams of 12 will be narrowed down to 6 each, all at the discretion of our four coaches and as Adam proved last year by winning, it’s important to bring the most unique singers to the live rounds.

With the most experienced singer Tony Lucca almost going home last night after being pushed to the brink of elimination by Chris Cauley, the world witnessed further proof that being a frontrunner does almost nothing in a competition. The singer still needs to show up and bring it to move on, as in all single-elimination tests of talent. Lucca is among a handful of other singers with the pipes and determination to be the next winner on The Voice.

1. Tony Lucca (Team Adam)

Some might think it is a little unfair that this former child star of the Mickey Mouse Club, who’s released eight studio albums and has more than 537,000 followers on Twitter, should get a chance to compete on a show for the unknown but he is definitely the most accomplished of the bunch. Keri Russell’s former main squeeze has a soulful voice and even though he just squeaked by last night with his rendition of “Beautiful Day,” give this man a jazz or blues piece and he could even send Adam home.

2. Jesse Campbell (Team Christina)

This single father watched his wife walk out on him and his 11-year-old daughter when his music career was failing but fast forward a few years and last night, Campbell was part of the best battle duet The Voice has ever seen against Anthony Evans. These tests are invaluable in later rounds and the audience only saw Jesse grow stronger with the challenge. His gospel style proved to be a force last night overpowering Evans. Campbell is no newbie either, having had a record deal with Capitol Records and featured on hit movie soundtracks like Dead Presidents.

3. Jermaine Paul (Team Blake)

An odd pairing could pay serious dividends as Paul, a former backup singer for Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige, picked Blake because he thinks the country superstar will push him to his limits. He also showed his range during the blind auditions performing “Complicated,” which was a punk song that he converted to R&B. With musical influences like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, this man should go far and is not afraid to push or ask questions about getting better. He will definitely not wilt under the pressure of the bright lights.

4. Lindsey Pavao (Team Christina)

Unique is the name of the game on The Voice and Pavao proved her worth with her blind audition of “Sat Aah,” an R&B song by Trey Songz. Only thing is Pavao sang it like she was Adele. The performance got Songz himself to take notice and Tweet about it. Pavao is a little raw, not having sang for more than a few dozen people before this show but that might be an asset because she doesn’t realize exactly what it is she has to lose.

5. Erin Martin (Team Cee Lo)

A tall, leggy Erin Martin is what this competition is all about. A former model who is so raw, they wouldn’t serve her in a sushi restaurant. But with a little help from Cee Lo, he can mold this unique, fluttery voice into a powerhouse. It’s all about catching the audience’s eye, and her blind audition of “Hey There Delilah” did just that. Plus, the competition on Team Cee Lo, while unique, isn’t packed with too much power. That should keep her hanging around till she finds her sound.