17 Thoughts We Had About ABC Family Becoming Freeform

If you’ve turned on your TV or gone on Facebook and Twitter in the last two months, then chances are you probably know that ABC Family is becoming Freeform. Since November, the channel popular among teens and young adults has been toting their name change and gearing fans up for the big day. Well today is the day! January 12, 2016 can be marked in history as the day that ABC Family would now be known as Freeform. But we’ve got a million thoughts about that.


1. Why?

2. Who asked for this? I didn’t.

3. I liked the name ABC Family.

4. What does Freeform even mean?

5. Like, before it made sense. I understood ABC Family, as it used to be The Family Channel and is owned by ABC.

6. Does this mean they’re wont be anymore Harry Potter weekends?

ABC Family/Freeform

7. Where are we supposed to watch HP for the 80th time on a Saturday?

8. What does this mean for the 25 Days of Christmas?

9. Are the holidays officially cancelled?

10. Does this mean I’ll have to watch classic Disney movies somewhere else?

11. What is the significance of January 12th?

12. Why couldn’t they just change on January 1st?


13. Is this all because of Shadowhunters and the #5YearsForward with Pretty Little Liars?

14. When will these Freeform commercials end? We get it. The name changed.

15. But the ones with the PLL gang are actually entertaining, so we’ll allow that.

16. WAIT – will they still play Reba?

17. Is our childhood officially over? We don’t want to grow up.