Why We Should All Be Extra Excited For Season 21 Of ‘The Bachelor’

Last night kicked off season 21 of The Bachelor. It’s hard to believe the show has been going on for this long, but when you have a bachelor like Nick Viall, who is the thirstiest guy to ever take a houseful of despo bachelorettes on his journey to finding lasting love, it makes watching the show pretty entertaining. After appearing on two seasons of The Bachelorette and a stint on Bachelor in Paradise, it’s kind of hard to believe Nick will find his forever, but we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed. Regardless, we’ve got more than a few reasons to be downright giddy for Monday nights.

1. Nick is the bachelor

Nick has made The Bachelor franchise a full-time career. While the women in the house swoon over his looks and casually awkward demeanor, the rest of us out in TV land are privy to a healthy helping of cringe-worthy encounters, conversations and his infamous mumbling. Reality TV at its finest.

2. The Women

The pool of eligible women for Nick to choose from are an eclectic bunch which include, a former one-night stand, a 24-year-old who still has a nanny, and a dolphin enthusiast, who popped out of the limo in a full Left Shark costume saying she was dressed as her favorite sea mammal.

3. The Dolphin Girl

OMG…praying producers kept her on the show for at least another few episodes. Alexis Winter is an aspiring dolphin trainer who is #winning at life, thanks to her “dolphin” costume. Sharing her love for the gentle ocean dwellers, she waded in the pool, allowed other girls to throw treats in her mouth from afar, and got a bit looped on liquor to show Nick how deep her love goes. The best part is we aren’t really sure what she really looks like as she was in a shapeless costume with only her face peeking out. It’s “dolphinitely” safe to say the girls who didn’t get a rose are still in shock a dolphin girl was given another week.

4. Corinne

Every season of The Bachelor has a designated villain, and season 21 has chosen the Miami-based blonde bobble head, Corinne Olympios. Remember we mentioned there was a 24-year-old with a nanny? Yeah, this is her. She claims she owns a multi-million dollar company, but it’s actually her dad’s company, which she helps run. The nanny thing is a little weird, and she’s already shown she’s an aggressor, being the first to suck face with Nick, and from previews, only turns it up as the weeks go by. No doubt she’ll be on the show at least until there are two on one dates, then she’ll get axed.

4. Sufficiently Inappropriate One-liners

Girls attempting to spit game on the show is nothing short of TV gold. The premiere didn’t disappoint as we were gifted with these priceless gems.

“Your last name is Viall, and mine is Hussy. Together we make a disgusting slut.”

“My friends think you’re a complete piece of shit.”

“Do you know what girls who wear underwear say?” (Nick: “I do not.”) “Me either.”

“You’re a wiener in my book.”

5. The Amazing Cry Faces

The weirdest part about the show is the girls who cry on the first night because they didn’t get to talk to the bachelor, or didn’t get a rose, or feel like they have some deep seeded connection with Nick that he’s not understanding. It’s all quite bizarre, but as the season progresses, the girls who remain all end up crying at some point, and their faces are so good, they give Kim Kardashian a run for her money.

6. More Awkward Matching Outfits

The theme of the night seemed to be red dresses. Literally, a third of the bachelorettes showed up in a red dress, possibly alluding to more episodes where the girls look like a pack of #basic clones lusting after a total tool box.

7. Watching The Sweet Connections Turn Into More

Aside from all the roasting of the show and contestants, Nick is looking for love, and from the premiere episode looks to have found a few keepers. Those of us who are so-single-it-hurts might just be at the point where we can appreciate a kindling of new love on reality TV to distract us from the #darkness that is our own love lives.